Just Blogging

Just curious where this blog shows up !  I wander if this is the answer I need for my writings. I want to start writing books . I have felt this was always what I was supposed to do so people would be able to hear what I have to say but only by choice. I have always felt I have a blessed common sense approach about life and conflicts to human behavior animal behavior and exploring  things in life that others are afraid to , though I always tried or thought I was practicing what I was preaching  and believing there is a GOD that wants me to be happy healthy ,and loved and cherished but not by everyone.  I finally learned it was a process , I had all the tools but no one really had taught me how to use them , so I believed  I used ,shall we say ,one tool ,lesson ,at a time and abused the hell out of it and there for needlessly abused my self and everyone around me..my head said one thing but when it came out it was just exactly what I was trying to avoid , but Ill talk more about that later  NOTE : WHAT ARE YOU NOT SAYING !!