Wearing an Armor of Love doesnt fully protect you. In My Opinion!

I Rather be home alone then to be amongst lying.backstabbing hurtful.self righteous.people cus they just spit your love and kindness out and mae it thier mission to pull out your negatives. That crowd will chew you up right there and all along say those words i love you..i care..the litterally walk away and go run you in the ground ..gossip and backbiting is the worlds new chicken shit way of acting like they are strong…i personally feel sorry fo these people because i personally know what its like to walk with my head up and be scared stupid….

  None of us are exept from our own demons and voices trying to spit doubt and fear..It is a daily fight to choose and hope you made the right choice and choosing to stay positive in a world that is killing itself and each others each one fighting for thier own beliefs. Sad thing is none of us are right all the time or wrong all the time.

 Decisions are made with out true thought .Opinions are formed from past experiences and fears. 

 Staying focussed on yourself when others seek you out for thier personal gain usually leave you the same way they showed up…

 Staying focussed on yourself is not a pass to be cruel to others.

Doing you does not mean you are untouchable or excused from lifes challenges. It is not a pass to completely shut down the world around you because truth is in order to grow you cannot hide from the world… Truth is Life is always teaching us something…Either we are growing or we are like a mouse on awheel.. Spinnig but never growing ..moving but never changing.

 Being Aware of who you are and want to be is the flickering light to keep hope burning..Hopeful that one day by Not giving up yet always willing to fall or be vulerable wiil keep us grounded in humility and not being drowned in the negativity and hate .  

  Its like some of us are litterally the life jacket that assist some to the shore only to have them stab your life jacket.(bust your bubble) to keep you from achieving your goals or just pure hate and jealousy..

 I myself will stay to myself. Until my tribe catches up with me. For the enemy runs rampid in sheeps clothing hoping to bring you down . The enemy is always seeking away in so they can over throw you…

  Your armor i but it does not guarentee you are protectfore w y

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