In the Now,wait for tomarrow.

Why do we stress about tomarrow? Everyday is missed because Today is Now. Now holds the vision and dreams of yesterday which holds your secrets from yesterday. Your yesterday day visions are within you now. Today’s moments are yesterdays visions wants needs and desires. We need Today to be in the now while the dreams of the past come full circle. If only we stay in the now can we fully appreciate all of the Yesterdays dreams. To be present here and Now we begin to understand how our wants,needs and desires evolve daily. Enjoying this moment right now we are saying we accept all. The good and bad have been challenged by our thoughts about the Now. Breathe deeply accept what is and watch for things to be grateful for knowing that we create continually more wants needs and desires not yet to be challenged. Dont get stuck in the seeking of future wants Time is precious. Stay in the Now! After all you have been wanting and asking the universe for things daily. Some come quickly some years away only because of disbelief. Stay focussed on what you do want keep that flame burning with in . keep your dreams alive by accepting today’s challenges and let tomarrow create what it may.. Some how some way Enjoy your TODAY.